Educate Your Congressmen on the Dangers of the USMCA

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which is a renegotiated version of NAFTA, is expected to come up for a vote in Congress late in 2019 or perhaps as late as sometime in 2020.

There is a widespread lack of understanding of the dangers posed to our national sovereignty and personal freedoms by this NAFTA 2.0 agreement, even among congressmen.

So, we’ve created two short and easy-to-read documents for you to use in educating your congressmen and their staffs. One is a one-page “USMCA Fact Sheet” and the other is a six-page “USMCA Report”; both are shown at left (click on them to download the PDFs).

These documents make the main points that: (1) the USMCA is expected to provide very modest economic gains, and even that benefit is very iffy; (2) the USMCA would create a steppingstone toward a European Union-style North American Union that would destroy our American sovereignty and threaten the security of our rights; and (3) “57% of USMCA is from TPP” (Trans-Pacific Partnership).

Please use these two documents to help educate your representative and senators about the dangers of the USMCA agreeement and to let them know that you oppose congressional approval of USMCA.

Here are three alternatives for doing this:

(1) The best way would be to personally hand-deliver these two USMCA documents to your representative and senators, point out a few facts in them, and ask them to read them.

(2) The next best way would be to get these documents into the hands of one or more staff members of each of your representative and senators. You can find the addresses of their local offices by clicking here and filling in your ZIP code. You’ll probably also be asked to fill in your street address. Next, you’ll be provided with a list of your federal and state elected officials. By clicking on your representative and senators, you’ll get their local office addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Hand-delivering is best, but you could phone, get the name and address of appropriate staff members, and then mail copies of the USMCA documents to them.

(3) The easiest way, although not the most effective way, would be to CLICK HERE to send a pre-written, editable message to your representative and senators that will include a URL for downloading PDFs of the USMCA documents. The message requests them to download and read the documents. Please send this message even if you also use methods one or two above.


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