Trump to revoke California’s tailpipe waiver

The Trump administration is set to formally revoke California’s tailpipe waiver under the Clean Air Act on Wednesday, according to a source with knowledge of the change.

The move is a major strike in the ongoing battle between the Trump administration and California over the state’s right to enact more stringent air pollution standards due to its poor air quality.

It would come as Trump is fundraising in California, a state that has been a hotbed of resistance to his administration where Hillary Clinton won more than 4 million more votes than the president in the 2016 election.

The announcement indicates the White House is moving ahead with plans to split its auto emissions rule into two parts, a move seen as a way to speed up the process of finalizing the hotly debated deregulation.

The first section of the rule formally revokes California’s preemption and waiver under the Clean Air Act, according to two sources with knowledge of the regulation.

The rule could be finalized within a week.

Removal of the waiver would affect 13 other states that also follow California’s clean air rules.

It’s expected to quickly be challenged in court.

The second part of the rule will include a final decision over what fuel efficiency levels to set emissions at starting in 2025. It will be released within a month, according to one of the sources with knowledge of the rulemaking.

It is not yet known which of the eight fuel economy standard alternatives the Trump administration is favoring, though it’s widely expected it will be lower than the Obama era regulation.

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