If a Christian does not study the Bible in depth using the very necessary Strong’s Concordance and a Companion Bible, then they rely upon the, “expertise”, of a pastor to tell them what the Bible teaches.  The problem today is we have many alleged Christian pastors who are either very poor students of the Bible, or they just flat-out lie to their congregations.  Either way, their congregations are not getting the straight Word of God, and I don’t have to tell you how God is going to ultimately deal with those false teachers.

Nevertheless, every Christian is held by God responsible for his/her accurate understanding of God’s Word, and lazy Christians who never bothered to know the pure truth will not have an excuse before him.

Take for example those false teachers who claim all true Christians will be taken up and away by Jesus before the worst part of the Tribulation takes place, otherwise known as the Rapture Theory.

Most true biblical scholars will tell you the King James Version is by far the most accurate translation of the original Bible transcripts written in Hebrew and Greek.  Did you know the word, “Rapture”, does not appear anywhere in the King James Bible?  That is because the Rapture Theory is a false teaching.

What the Bible actually tells us (read warns us) is that the Anti-Christ, otherwise more accurately translated as, “Instead of Christ”, comes to deceive the masses into believing he is the Messiah before the real Jesus returns, and the Bible is quite clear this person will be incredibly believable, up to and including being able to perform miracles of various sorts.  He will be charismatic and charming and will appeal even to weakly instructed Christians to the point they will actually worship him, not realizing he is in fact Satan.

Those of us who know better will never make that mistake because we know the Anti-Christ comes first, and that when the real Jesus returns, all of us will be transformed into spiritual bodies.  So here’s your first clue:  If a person appears to be Jesus, but you are still stuck in your flesh body, he ain’t Jesus, okay?

That’s all I have to tell you.  Ignore what you want to believe and begin by researching what God’s Word actually says.  That is the most valuable advice you will ever receive, because we are in the Latter Days that began when Israel was restored back onto its original lands in 1948, and according to the Parable of The Fig Tree, this generation shall not pass until all of God’s prophecies have been fulfilled — including Jesus’ return.

A lot of self-professing Christians are going to be horrified when the real Jesus returns if they made the mistake of worshipping Anti-Christ.

Food for thought, but only for the truly thoughtful.


Carl F. Worden

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