Do you really want to know what the left is promoting right now? Lock Him Up/Impeach Trump Popcorn Box Now

There is no doubt that the left hates Trump and that their plans are to oust him because they know he is going to be re-elected if he stays in office. The following newsletter is asking the left to push for impeachment.

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Please forward this message to everyone else you know.  And we want to take a moment to thank all the people who have written us recently, both by email and by physical mailed letter, to tell us how much they appreciate our messages.  It means alot and we thank you for your kind affirmation.

One of our participants had a terrific creative activist idea, why not send a bunch of our ready to ship Lock Him Up/Impeach Trump popcorn boxes to members of Congress?  What a wonderful way to have real impact!

And we worked all night to create this special new form, which not only will send one to your own House member in your name, including any personal message you would like to add, but will also send as many as you like to yourself for your own impeachment hearing parties:

Lock Him Up/Impeach Trump popcorn boxes to Congress:

The Republican National Synchronized Pretzel Twisting Contortionist Team is doing their best to convolute the obvious, complaining that Nancy Pelosi jumped the gun declaring an impeachment inquiry in effect.  Those of you who have House Representative with an R after their name especially need to apply heat now.

No, Nancy Pelosi did not move too quickly.  We happen to think she has done everything she could to drag her feet on this.  But of course, that makes the action she has taken now all the more credible and urgent.

When she did, the single fact standing alone that Trump had already admitted he tried to get Ukraine to investigate one of his leading opponents was entirely sufficient to justify impeachment.  Keep in mind that even though a surging majority of House members now support an impeachment inquiry, they still need to be persuaded to actually vote FOR impeachment itself.

That why is your Democratic House member needs a popcorn box from you too.

So when they Republicans cry with their hurt little hypocritical butts that we still don’t know all the facts, hello, that is precisely what an impeachment INQUIRY is all about.

Yes, indeed, let’s get the facts out.

And by the way, the one thing that Trump cannot now do is claim that the transcript of his call with the president of Ukraine is in any way fake.  Again and again he has declared that what he said in the transcript was “perfect.”

Send a Lock Him Up/Impeach Trump popcorn box to your member of the House of Representatives now and make it real for them.

Lock Him Up/Impeach Trump popcorn boxes to Congress:

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