Call 202-224-3121 at once and tell your member of Congress that gutting the Second Amendment is unacceptable.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-CA) held a hearing this week on reviving Feinstein’s Gun Ban.

If passed, this scheme would outlaw more than 200 specifically named rifles, shotguns, and handguns for containing certain “scary” cosmetic features.

That’s why I need you to call your member of Congress right away.

Please call the House of Representatives at 202-224-3121 at once and tell your Congressman that gutting the Second Amendment is unacceptable!

While the media is focused on rumblings of impeachment, Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat majority are on the verge of passing the most draconian restrictions on your Second Amendment rights we’ve ever seen.

In fact, the threat of impeachment may make it more likely some grand gun control “compromise” will emerge in an attempt to placate the extremists in the Democrat Party. 

And if the gun-grabbers in the U.S. House succeed in passing ANY new gun control scheme with support from BOTH parties, the White House and the anti-gun statists in the Senate will view the path as clear for their “reasonable” so-called “deal” on gun control.

Sadly, after news leaked last week that Attorney General William Barr was shopping around the framework of Toomey-Manchin’s so-called “Universal Background Check” scheme, the president doubled-down over the weekend, demanding Congress:

“get back to work [on gun control],” insisting “we could work something” out.

The fact is, President Trump is calling for what amounts to the de facto creation of a nationwide gun registry with this so-called “Universal Background Check” scheme.

By turning up the heat on your U.S. Representative to keep any House vote close, you and I stand a better chance of stopping weak-kneed U.S. Senators and the Trump administration from acting on any larger gun control deal.

And with the White House and U.S. Senate looking at the House of Representatives to signal it’s okay to move on gun control, it’s vital you and I show them the price for GUTTING the Second Amendment will come out of their political hides.

Call 202-224-3121 at once and tell your member of Congress that gutting the Second Amendment is unacceptable.

The Second Amendment is at the heart of American greatness and fundamental to protecting all our freedoms — we must do everything we can to ensure we defend the Second Amendment.

After all, a citizen who can’t defend his or her freedom is a citizen that will not be free much longer. . .

Please act at once!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

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