From My Friend John Bond who had these questions in 20 years ago.

John passed away several years back. I sorely miss him and his wife Mildred. We loved sharing donuts at Highland Park Grocery.

In retrospec……

In keeping with my stated purpose, for now, to ask questions I and possibly many of you wanted answers to I have a few more. So, If I didn’t rub you wrong last week, maybe you are in luck this time. Or, maybe you’re spared another week. Let’s see, huh? Here goes nothing!:

(1)  How can you get behind $80,000.00 in your real estate taxes in Madison county as strapped as it is needing money for roads, schools, among other things?

(2)   Why do John Allen’s apartment tenants get free parking on the street downtown and New Southern tenants don’t?

(3) Why did the African-American Ministerial Alliance wait (60+) days to hold a press conference to say they met to decide what they could do to help the residents of E. Jackson After the tornado? Why have they STILL not done anything I‘ve heard of yet?

(4)  When are the bids made on the properties in E. Jackson  that are bought up by the city, torn down, and new houses are built for sale? Who gets these plots and how?

(5) How do E. Jacksonians think they will every have a community when everything going up, and business are owed by, “absentee’s? Home ownership is what makes an area a community isn’t it?

(6)  If E. Jacksonians don’t turn in the crooks that rob their business’s how long will business’s be there? Y’all remember the KFC that was robbed out of existence a few years back, don’t you?

(7)  Is J. Edgar Hoover STILL Jerry Woodall’s hero now that it’s been proven his father (Hoover’s) was African-American? What better cover if you’re “passing” then to act like a bigot?

(8) Why doesn’t The Department of Homeland Security investigate the Klan? Hate crimes against blacks have risen since 9-11 you know. Or did you?

(9)  How about random drug tests for ALL elected officials in Madison County?

(10)  If I finance my lifestyle with credit cards am I headed for a fall? If so, why Is Bush financing his war with bond sales to Japan and China?

(11) finally, for this week:  Why should senior citizens have to pay taxes and buy their own drugs after 65?

Doe’s Anyone have any answers for me?

John E. Bond


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