So another hoax is being spread around that President Trump has ordered Marine Reservists to be on call if an attempt is made to remove him from office.

If any group would be put on such notice, it would be federal marshals.  The Posse Comitatus Law prohibits the use of our military within the United States and particularly, in assistance of civil law enforcement.

President Trump knows very well that if he tried to use the military in such a manner, the Democrats would use that as a real basis for an impeachment!

That is how you know it’s a hoax.

Now who started that hoax?  You can contact anyone who may have forwarded it to you and then trace it back until you find the original poster.  I did that when I heard about the ChemTrail hoax, and I was able to trace it back to two colleges.  It was a college research program intended to find out how many people online would believe it, and a whole bunch of people did!  In fact, to this day, many of those who were totally invested in that fat lie, still insist it is true.  I strongly suspect they just don’t want to admit they fell for it, so they’re doubling down on stupid.

By the way, the Human-Caused Climate Change/Global Warming hoax was sold exactly the same way!  I believe the results obtained from the ChemTrail hoax were used to sell that climate hoax.

Just thought you might want to know.


Carl F. Worden

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