I was on a debate team in High School, and we were almost undefeated.  We lost only one debate, and the debate was about forming labor unions and the prospect of using compulsory arbitration to settle employer/employee pay and benefits disputes.

In a real debate, a flip of the coin decided which side of the issue your team would argue, so it required each team to be fully informed about both sides of the issue, and make a convincing argument regardless of personal bias.

That’s a very mind-opening experience and excellent mental training for the student participant to engage in.

In the single debate we lost, the, “judge”, came up to me  as we were preparing to leave, and confessed he was a union member, and since we were arguing the other side, he voted for the other team.  But based on the overall quality of our arguments against the other poorly prepared team, the victory should easily have gone to us.  That is, IF the judge had been properly chosen and vetted.

In other words, the jackass never should have been assigned as a debate judge, particularly since he had not been vetted for any possible bias — which he certainly had.  Can you imagine what a guy like that would be like on a criminal trial jury?  I shudder to think about it!

Now where these presidential debates are concerned, election after election we’ve seen, “Debate Moderators”, picked from the media.  The results have been a clown show.  The moderators have usually taken an opposing view to the Conservative no matter who it is.  In one of the last presidential debates, Liberal news anchor Lester Holt was a complete misfit in favor of Hillary Clinton, and he didn’t even try to hide it or be fair.

When Mitt Romney was debating Barrack Obama, Obama had made prior arrangements with biased Liberal moderator Candy Crowley to have material handy on her desk so that Obama could ask her to verify the, “evidence”, she never should have even had.  That happens to be the duty of the debaters themselves, and Crowley made a complete ass out of herself on national TV.  She later, “retired”, in disgrace, but it was too late for Romney.

In yet another debate, public liar and super-Liberal Donna Brazil had secretly given the questions to be asked to Hillary Clinton so she would be fully prepared with a canned and effective answer.  Brazil is a liar because she initially tried to deny it.  Why Fox News took that proven lying bitch on as a Fox Contributor is anyone’s guess.

Considering the outrageous bias of almost every talking head in today’s Fake News environment, it is impossible to find an unbiased moderator.  They are either pro-Liberal or pro-Conservative, and nowhere in between, so picking a debate moderator from the media pool is fraught with unfairness to one side — and it shows!  What I’ve never understood is why the GOP always allows biased moderators to referee those debates, because so far, the GOP has fallen for that dirty trick every election cycle!

These media moderators must be replaced with professional debate judges who are trained to moderate the debate fairly to both sides, because if we get more of the same again, it will just be another circus lacking fairness or credibility.


Carl F. Worden

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