Ex-Arkansas State Senator Jake Files was convicted of money-laundering, wire fraud, bank fraud including illegally securing $56,700 from First Western Bank. He falsified bids, and profiting thousands of dollars from state funds intended for construction of the River Valley Sports Complex. He was able to secure millions from the General Improvement Fund (taxpayer money) for the Marshal’s Museum & other projects.

Private Citizen Attorney Oscar Stilley, active MENSA member, was convicted of tax evasion regarding someone else’s money in the amount of $340,000. Mr. Stilley was to be tried in Tulsa, Ok. The judge assigned to the case was Claire V. Eagan who decided to recruit Stephen P. Friot, a judge from the Northern district (OKC) to handle the case. Eagan represented the Western district of OK.  Eagan did not comply with the requirements for replacing a regular judge from her district with an outside judge. Judge Stephen P. Friot, by his own admission, had pulled the case out of the ditch for the government. Friot said that it rankled him to have to do a “scab-over” for the government’s defective case—but he did it anyway. Obviously, Friot was and is the government’s hitman. How did a judge of this caliber affect Oscar Stilley’s trial?—Quite obvious that years in prison means nothing to Judge Stephen P. Friot.!

Now compare the politician’s sentencing vs. the private citizen’s sentencing.

First the sentencing of government employee ex-Senator Jake Files convicted of 3 major crimes—Money laundering, Wire Fraud, & Bank Fraud for which he received an 18 MONTH sentence, accompanied by an early out. (Today)

Second is the sentencing of private citizen Oscar Stilley convicted of tax evasion of someone else’s money in a sham trial as shown above and received a 15 YEAR prison sentence of which he has served 9 ½ years about to be 10 years.  Which leaves 5 more years of imprisonment.

Is there any honor in either one of these sentences the judicial system afforded? Citizens, what do you think?  In my strong opinion concerning citizen Stilley, the judge himself by his own admission was and is guilty of high crimes and torture.

No good comes from the federal judicial system as we can observe from Washington DC to the Western District of Arkansas & the Northern District of Oklahoma.  It leaves a stench.


Joe McCutchen


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