Hey gang:

I wrote you yesterday about an Antifa maggot who, according to the Portland, Oregon PD, was murdered in front of the Portland Democrat offices on or about 10/14/19.

I saw the report on the webpage of KOBI Channel 5 in Medford.  But right after I saw that report and copied it for you, it was taken off the webpage, and it’s pretty darn hard to find mention of that murder anywhere online right now.

So now it appears the media is deciding which stories they want you to know about and which ones you shouldn’t see.  I have never believed the Las Vegas PD didn’t find out the motive of the mass shooter there, and it appears the Portland PD is trying to squelch the story about the Antifa organizer who is screaming his guts out in Hell right now.

If I see anything more about this story, I’ll let you know.


Carl F. Worden

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