So there’s Lindsey Graham, criticizing President Trump for refusing to intervene in another war, claiming we’re abandoning our ally, in this case the Kurdish Rebels who have been launching terrorist attacks inside Turkey.  Yeah, well Turkey is a member of NATO, so basically they are both our allies.

I hate NeoCons like Graham.  They got the mildly retarded President George W. Bush to attack and occupy Iraq in 2003, so a bunch of our kids were killed or maimed for nothing.  They’ve kept our kids fighting and dying in Afghanistan for almost 19 years with no end in sight, and when we finally leave there, the whole effort will have been for nothing.  The NeoCons have run our national debt through the ceiling with their endless wars, and now they want President Trump to get us into yet another one!

NeoCons are almost as stupid as Democrats because they have never learned from their mistakes — mistakes that don’t just cost money, but a needless loss of lives on both sides.

So I don’t know about you, but I say Lindsey Graham needs to resign from the Senate and join the Marines, although I doubt they’d have much use for his fat, frumpy ass.  Those Republican NeoCons have damaged the Republican Party no different than OAC and her little crew have damaged the Democrats!  They comprise the Deep State side of the Republican Party, and they have actively worked to undermine President Trump from Day One of his presidency.

Well I’m glad Trump saw the trap and refused to militarily intervene between Turkey and the Kurds.  This is exactly the kind of scenario the NeoCons have used time after time to get us into wars, but Trump recognized it.  Remember Saddam’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction?   There’s always an imminent threat!  We have to intervene or this, that or the other will happen.  If we don’t intervene, 10,000 ISIS reprobates will get free.  So why didn’t they execute those murdering bastards already?  Nobody’s asking that!


Carl F. Worden

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