Okay, so I finally ran a search on Google to see if there was any more information about the apparent murder of an Antifa organizer in Portland, OR.  This is what I’ve learned so far.

First, the news about this murder is being suppressed nationally.  It is known news in Portland, but almost nowhere else, including Southern Oregon.

The murder was by hit & run using an SUV.  It occurred on the street in front of a bar known for Antifa gatherings.  When the SUV struck the victim and drove away, shots were fired into the SUV by persons unknown, and the Antifa witnesses are not cooperating with the Portland PD.  The SUV was driven away and crashed into the headquarters of the Portland Democrat Party, where it was abandoned.  I have no idea of the distance between the hit & run and the Dem offices.

The victim was taken to a local hospital, where he died from blunt force trauma.

From this information I can speculate pretty accurately that this was a classic hit, planned and carried out by more than one individual.  The SUV was undoubtedly stolen and I’ll bet it was very, “clean”, except for the bullet holes.  At this time there is no information about a suspect or suspects being wounded, and Portland Police are not revealing that.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming this, “hit”, was by those seeking revenge for Antifa violence.  It could also be the result of a power struggle within the group.  The victim was a leader of the Portland Antifa group.  I wrote, “a leader”, because I don’t know if he was THE leader, but he wasn’t just an Antifa soldier.  It would not be uncommon at all for this to be the result of an internal power struggle within Portland’s Antifa group.  Frankly, I don’t see much difference between this Antifa crap and the Mafia, and we all know how the Mafia handles its internal disputes.

On the other hand, this hit & run was pretty well planned out ahead of time.  Sure, the driver could have acted alone, but I think s/he had help, you know, like a person to pick up the driver after the SUV was crashed and abandoned?

If this was a hit by those seeking revenge against Antifa, we can expect to hear and read about more.  They’ll get better at it each time.

The Mexican cartels perfected the use of stolen, unmarked motorcycles to carry out assassinations because the rider’s identity can be totally concealed under a helmet and dark face shield without looking out of place, and a motorcycle can be driven where no regular automobile can go.  They learned to use shotguns loaded with buckshot for their assassinations to make sure the job gets done with one shot.

Shotguns are also much harder to trace unless the firing pin marks and spent shell casings can be compared later, and the cartels used special small nets attached to their shotguns to catch the spent shells if more than one shot was needed.

In closing, the fact that the SUV took bullet hits means Antifa has armed themselves with firearms — probably handguns — but I’ll bet they also have an arsenal of those evil military-style semi-automatics and 30 round magazines.  That means Antifa has upped the ante and will probably begin committing crimes with guns at Trump rallies eventually.  For all we know, it may have already happened in Las Vegas, which would be a really good reason for the Vegas cops to hide the shooter’s motive from us.  If people knew Las Vegas was an Antifa hit, they would have already killed every Antifa member they could find.  Cops will do just about anything to avoid and discourage that kind of all-out war, so that could explain why they still insist they don’t know what the motive was.

They know damn well what the motive was.

Carl F. Worden

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