A Helping Hand

To him who is afflicted, kindness should be shown by his friend. —Job 6:14 Read: Luke 5:17-26 

A college student named Kelly shattered her arm in the first volleyball game of the season. This meant she couldn’t work at her part-time job. Then her car stopped running. To top it all off, the young man she had been dating stopped calling. Kelly felt so low that she began spending hours alone in her room crying.

Laura, a Christian friend on the volleyball team, became concerned about Kelly and decided to help her. So she planned a party. She and some friends collected money, and a couple of guys got Kelly’s car running again. They found a temporary job she could do, using just one hand. And they gave her tickets to see her basketball hero when his team came to town. Before long, Kelly was herself again. When she asked why they did all this for her, Laura was able to tell her about the love of Jesus.

Kelly’s story reminds me of the paralyzed man who was healed by Jesus. The afflicted man’s friends cared enough about him to bring him to the Savior (Luke 5:17-26).

Do you have a friend in need? Think of some ways you can help. Show the love of Christ and then share the gospel. You never know what might happen when you lend a helping hand.

Dave Egner 

Reach out in Jesus’ name
With hands of love and care
To those who are in need
And caught in life’s despair.


Real love puts actions to good intentions.

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