Updated info on Obamacare plans and abortion coverage

Family Research Council (FRC) and Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) are teaming up once again to bring you our annual comprehensive update to our website ObamacareAbortion.com.

For the past seven years, our goal has been and remains to help you answer an all-important question: “Which federally supported health plans in the individual market do not cover elective abortion?”

Since we began examining Obamacare health plans in 2013 we have documented how information on abortion coverage was difficult to obtain, when pro-life options were rare in some states and non-existent in others. After launching our investigation and holding HHS accountable, we have seen an increase in transparency, but the federal subsidizing of abortion on demand continues.

For 2019 we discovered that nine states and the District of Columbia only offered plans covering elective abortion on their exchange to individuals and families.

If you intend to purchase a health plan through healthcare.gov, we want to provide you with information so that you can hold off on enrolling until we complete our exhaustive research about which plans do and do not offer abortion coverage.

Please make use of our resource website ObamacareAbortion.com to ensure that you do not unwittingly enroll in a plan that will require you to pay for a plan that contains elective abortion coverage.

Open Enrollment for 2020 will start November 1st. FRC and CLI are already in the midst of examining documents for each health plan on the Obamacare exchanges, and we will be updating our resource website at ObamacareAbortion.com with those findings very soon.

Visit ObamacareAbortion.com to see if your state offers pro-life plans!

Thank you for your continued support

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