A group dressed in KKK robes wandered the streets of Jamestown, Tennessee, on Halloween

Rather Brave we think

A group of people dressed as Ku Klux Klan members in Jamestown, Tennessee, on Halloween night and roamed around town, sparking outrage and alarm online.

They are shown in several social media posts. One photo shows seven people in Klan robes and hoods standing at the outside dining area of a Sonic fast food restaurant.

Their outfits include KKK insignia.

Another photo shows the group walking toward a Little Caesars pizza restaurant. A third shows the group inside a garage.

A 13-second video, posted to YouTube by an account with no other uploads, shows the group standing in front a vehicle at Sonic. One member opens the door and says, “We love you,” as the driver says, “What are you doing?”


An officer who answered the phone at the Jamestown Police Department on Friday afternoon confirmed the images were captured in Jamestown, a town in Fentress County whose population of about 2,000 was more than 96 percent white in the 2010 census. The city sits on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau, roughly 90 miles northwest of Knoxville and just south of the Kentucky border.

The officer, who declined to give his name to Knox News, said, “A group of kids dressed up for Halloween and there was no crime committed, and that’s pretty much where it is. Though distasteful, there wasn’t a crime.”

The officer said no one called the police and no reports were made.

“They were just kind of running around town,” he said, adding that the individuals had not been identified.

Though the officer said he didn’t think a crime had been committed, Tennessee law forbids wearing a mask with the intent to intimidate others “from exercising civil rights.”

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And there is the question… do you actually believe anybody was denying anyone their rights other than the Gannet News Service that wants to make a big thing out of nothing.

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