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As I continue to research this issue, I continue to be completely dismayed and heartbroken for our children and the way parents are not protecting them, and in some cases, cooperating and pushing this travesty on their own children.

Being so caught up in what I am seeing TODAY, I confess that I had not thought much about its origins until I ran across this article. This is VERY IMPORTANT reading and I hope you will do that.

John Money, David Reimer, and the Dark Origins of the Transgender Movement

Nov 6, 2019 by Intellectual Takeout

The other day I asked my colleagues if they had ever heard of John Money. “No,” they replied, “who is he?”

They’re not the only clueless ones. I’ll wager that most millennials don’t know the man who invented the terms “gender identity,” “sexual orientation,” and “gender role.” Unfortunately, the story behind those terms is a dark one that should give us all pause.

As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who was Raised as A Girl, by John Calpatino, tells the story of John Money’s famous patient, David Reimer.

Following Reimer’s failed circumcision, psychologist John Money advised that their biological son be renamed “Brenda” and raised as a girl. Money’s ideas about nature and nurture were novel and offered justification to confused parents looking for help for their son.

As part of the therapy process, Money had David and his twin brother Brian assume sex positions with one another to more firmly encode “Brenda’s” sexual identity. When the twins refused, they were subjected to verbal abuse from Money, a BBC account explains. At times, other colleagues watched as the boys engaged in “sexual exploration.” Pictures were collected, and are presently being held as property of the Kinsey Institute.

Money’s experiment with David’s sexual preferences and sense of gendered self eventually collapsed. Calpatino recounts the schism between environment and biology:

“Virtually every page of As Nature made Him contains an environmental cue or clue that helped force what Brenda’s prenatally virilized brain and system were telling her. Among these environmental cues would include the presence of an identical twin brother who so closely resembled Brenda and yet was, mystifyingly the opposite sex; the scarred and unfinished state of her genitals which contributed to her conviction that something was unusual about her assigned gender; the teasing and ostracization of peers and classmates who jeered at her for her masculinity; the growing realization on the part of Ron and Janet, around the time of Brenda’s seventh birthday, that the experiment was a failure; the trips to John Hopkins, where her genitals and sexual identity were of such interest to Money and his students …”

David eventually decided to have surgery to remove his hormone-induced breasts and resume his masculine identity. At 14, as Colaptino explains, it took enormous courage for David to choose surgery that would fundamentally change his relationship to his friends. Colaptino recounts the peculiarity of David’s,

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AND THEN THERE IS THIS — Please don’t miss it:

Puberty blockers yield ‘the most insidious child sterilization programs ever devised,’ doctors say

By Brandon Showalter, CP Reporter, NOVEMBER 02, 2019
Endocrinologists are pushing back against a recent statement by the Pediatric Endocrine Society which asserts that puberty-blocking drugs are “reversible” and effective at alleviating the distress of “having the wrong puberty.”

The Tuesday statement from the Pediatric Endocrine Society, which was couched in concern for “transgender and gender diverse youth and their families,” spoke against public discourse that delegitimizes self-expressed gender identities. Such negative discourse, the group said, undermines the rights of youth who identify as the opposite sex to express their identity as they wish and to receive “gender-affirming” therapies and medical treatments.

The statement goes on to assert that adolescents “with maturity to understand the consequences of this treatment, can initiate hormone therapy,” and claims that puberty blockers are supported by medical evidence to improve the well-being of persons who self-identify as transgender. Chemical puberty suppression is described as a “reversible treatment that decreases the distress of having the wrong puberty.”

Such claims are patently false, said Michael Laidlaw, an endocrinologist based in Rocklin, California, in a Wednesday interview with The Christian Post. “What these medical societies have created is an institutionalized childhood pathway toward sterility.”

When asked by CP if he could explain why organizations that are ostensibly out to help children would recommend treatments that disrupt the normal process of puberty, he said it’s critical to understand that, with respect to this topic, medical organizations like the Endocrine Society, Pediatric Endocrine Society, and the American Academy of Pediatrics have been taken over by the most radical elements of the profession.

“These radical trans activists were involved in writing the Endocrine Society guidelines in 2009 and 2017. These are low to no quality evidence guidelines, and anyone can read for themselves the poor evidence they have for these treatments for children and adolescents. There is no long-term evidence for benefits for these treatments. These drugs are not FDA approved for this condition. They have created a pathway toward sterility,” Laidlaw stressed.

Laidlaw recounted a Dutch study of 70 children who were on puberty-blocking drugs, every one of which continued on to cross-sex hormones. Most of them went even further and underwent masculinizing or feminizing surgical procedures.

“All of those who started on blockers and went to cross sex hormones are infertile. Those who had gonads removed are sterilized,” he said.

One postoperative patient, a trans-identified female, died as result of a flesh-eating bacteria, a disease called necrotizing fasciitis, following a vaginoplasty.

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I am trying to figure out why big public protests are not going on! Why aren’t legislators looking into this issue?  Well, just so you know, we are looking into it, so just pray for us and the others who are trying to address the safety of these precious children.

Bobbie Patray


1. Soros-Backed Prosecutor Candidates Sweep Virginia Races .
Billionaire sent $2M to four attorney candidates in bid to reshape Va.’s criminal justice system .

2. I know that you will be thrilled to learn the the Soros’ Southern Poverty Law Center has developed a curriculum to give free resources to educators-teachers, administrators, counselors and other practitioners-who work with children from kindergarten through high school. These resources include classroom lessons, webinars, grants, podcasts, policy guides and much more. Educators use our materials to supplement the curriculum, to inform their practices, and to create civil and inclusive school communities where children are respected, valued and welcome participants.
Teaching Tolerance. Coming to a school near you???

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