Gee, we haven’t heard much from Antifa in Portland, Oregon lately.  I can’t help but wonder if they believe they are being stalked and hunted since one of their upper-level maggots got killed by a hit & run action in front of a known Antifa bar in Portland.

I’ve been watching the news to see if any suspects have been arrested and can find nothing.  If the person who owned the SUV used in the hit, crashed that SUV into the Democrat headquarters in Portland, they’d be looking for that person.  But since no arrests have been made or suspects named, my guess is that the SUV was stolen for the specific purpose of carrying out an assassination.

Americans hate bullies.  Antifa has made a very serious mistake thinking they could continue their little reign of terror and not suffer the consequences.  There’s always someone or a group so enraged by such behavior they’ll take the law into their own hands.  Maybe that is why an Antifa member from Portland was recently sentenced to six years in prison for injuring a man with a collapsible baton.  Maybe the DA’s and judges are finally trying to do something because they know or strongly suspect Antifa members are being hunted.

That’s what I’m thinking.  We’ll see.

Carl F. Worden

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