When we first formed the Southern Oregon Militia in 1993, it was for the purpose of exposing the rampant official and police corruption that existed at the time in the Rogue Valley.  I had become familiar with one the M/T reporters, who was very interested in what we found.  Her name was Dani Dodge, and she was just about the only M/T reporter we trusted at all.

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Dani Dodge’s art is inspired by nearly two decades as a journalist. She began painting in 2004 after being embedded with the Marines in Iraq. Dani was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2006 but left newspapers two years later to focus on telling stories through her art.

I worked with Dani on a few investigations we initiated, and I found her to be credible and willing to report the truth.

One day while out on a drive together to look over a possible illegal dump site of toxic chemicals by Jackson County personnel, I told Dani Dodge that a M/T letter writer had written the most outrageous letter that had gotten published, and we wanted to know who that person was.  We’d tried to locate that person to ask why s/he had written that letter and what his/her information was based upon, but with all our efforts, we couldn’t find the writer.

Dani then informed me there was a, “practice”, at the Mail Tribune of publishing fake letters to the editor to drum up responses, and that the actual letter writers were employed by the Mail Tribune!  Talk about a fake news source!

I don’t know if that practice is still being employed, but there have been some very suspicious letters published lately that claimed the M/T was way too Conservative when we all know it is a virtual garbage pile of anti-Trump hatred, innuendo, truth twisting and in some cases, outright lies from the Washington Post, New York Times and Associated Press.  I strongly suspect those letters are fake, but I can’t prove it.

Dani Dodge eventually quit the M/T and moved down to San Diego, where she left journalism for other pursuits.  After Dodge left, there were no M/T reporters left who were interested in investigative journalism, so we saw no reason to maintain a relationship with a newspaper that was so biased.

Anyway, I’ve never revealed until now what Dani told me about those faked letters to the editor, but I thought you should know.


Carl F. Worden

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