Spain’s Socialists win national elections, but far-right still surges

Spain’s Prime Minister and Socialist Party leader Pedro Sanchez applauds outside the party headquarters following the general election in Madrid, Spain, Sunday, Nov.10, 2019. Spain’s Interior Ministry says that early results show Socialists winning Spain’s national election, but without a clear end to the country’s political deadlock. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s Socialists won the country’s Sunday national elections, but the far-right Vox party made big gains that threatened to worsen political deadlock.

The Socialists took 120 seats, three fewer than they won in the last elections in April.

That left them even further from the 176 seats necessary for the absolute majority they would need to govern without forming a coalition.

Vox, led by 43-year-old Santiago Abascal, surged to 52 seats from 24 after breaking into Parliament for the first time in the spring.

Abascal called the quick success of his party “the greatest political feat seen in Spain,” and vowed to fight the “progressive dictatorship” as congratulations poured in from right-wing populist and anti-immigrant leaders across Europe.

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