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Did you happen to read the transcript of Alexander Vindeman’s originally secret testimony, particularly when he was questioned by John Ratcliffe?  You really need to.

First, Ratcliffe asks Vindeman to point to a specific part of the President’s call to the Ukraine President where Trump, “demanded”, anything.  After a number of minutes, Vindeman could not produce it.  Then Ratcliffe tells Vindeman he knows Vindeman told the Ukraine officials to ignore the President’s request to reopen the investigation into Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings, allegedly because Vindeman didn’t think it wise to involve Ukraine in our domestic elections — or that is what Vindeman claimed was his concern.

Okay, this is classic Deep State interference with a president’s directive.  It was Vindeman’s personal opinion that Trump’s request was inappropriate.  His attitude was that Trump was asking for the Burisma investigation to be reopened for only political purposes, so he told the Ukrainians to ignore Trump’s request.  If that isn’t insubordination, I don’t know what is!

But Vindeman isn’t being honest anyway.  He was personally involved and familiar with Biden and his son’s very questionable activities in Ukraine, and he didn’t want that fact known, because it would have been discovered and disclosed if the Ukraine Government reopened the investigation and disclosed their findings to Trump.  Vindeman was doing nothing more than trying to avoid the spotlight and possible criminally corrupt involvement.

Another interesting development (not in the Vindeman transcript) is the timeline before the Ukraine prosecutor was fired at Joe Biden’s demand.  Hunter Biden was on the Board of Burisma Holdings, receiving $83,000.00 per month (for just bearing his father’s name and position) when the Ukraine prosecutor raided the corrupt Burisma Oligarch’s home and took reams of evidence plus his fancy car.

Obviously, it had been believed that since Vice President Joe Biden’s son was on the board of Burisma Holdings, the government of Ukraine would have a hands-off attitude toward Burisma, but when the Ukraine prosecutor raided the Oligarch’s house, that belief was quickly shattered.  That is when Joe Biden flew to Ukraine and admitted on video tape that he told the now former Ukraine President that if the prosecutor was not immediately fired, Biden would stop the $1.1 billion dollar loan the U.S. had promised Ukraine.

Are you beginning to get the real picture now?

There are a lot of very important questions that need to be answered with regard to American elected and bureaucrat officials’ activities in Ukraine.  I suspect such an investigation will not only expose Joe Biden to criminal prosecution (as if that hasn’t already been exposed by Joe’s big mouth) but also involve a lot of Democrats’ and Republicans’ personal involvement in Ukraine.  I’ve read that Pelosi and Schiff had some involvement there, but I’m also curious as to the large number of Republican House members who are suddenly choosing to retire, like New York Republican John King.  Why-oh-why do rats jump off a floating, vibrant ship?  All of them could easily ride Trump’s coattails into an easy reelection, so why??  Do they see the walls beginning to close in, as in a prison cell?

The moment Pelosi heard about Trump asking for that Ukraine investigation to be reopened, Pelosi very suddenly changed her mind and began this phony impeachment probe.  That call obviously triggered panic!  With nothing left in their toolbox except a futile impeachment attempt, it is more than obvious a whole bunch of high-ranking people realized both their positions of power and their very freedom had become vulnerable.  I believe a thorough investigation will reveal both Republicans and Democrats were corruptly involved in Ukraine.  Anyone who thinks Joe Biden and his son had an exclusive arrangement with Ukraine is delusional.

We know from Ukraine court transcripts that Ukraine was actively trying to discredit Trump in favor of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.  Ukraine seems to be a yellow-jacket nest of American involved meddling, corruption and cooperation.

What role did Vindemen play?  He was stationed in Ukraine when all this was happening.  Vindeman told Ukraine to ignore our President’s request to have that Burisma investigation reopened, but what was his real motive for doing so?  My bet is that Vindeman, like Pelosi and Schiff, are trying to thwart discovery of their probable illegal activities via this fake impeachment probe.  We know the so-called whistleblower had worked for Joe Biden and John Brennan during the time Hunter got that lucrative position for doing nothing but sit on the board.  Was the whistleblower also involved, and that’s why he, “blew the whistle”, but doesn’t want to testify in an open hearing?

The impeachment probe is the very last desperate act the Democrats have left.  It’s not a fair process for a reason!  The only act left to the Democrats, if the impeachment effort fails (as it most certainly will) is to assassinate Trump — and Pence preferably.  That would give the presidency to the Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi, and that would effectively end any further investigation into Ukraine.

For the democrats, that’s problem solved!


Carl F. Worden

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