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Yovanovitch’s Moment: Will Her Testimony Help Dems or the GOP? Susan Crabtree has this preview of the former ambassador to Ukraine’s testimony.

What the Entry of Patrick and Bloomberg May Mean for Biden. Sean Trende assesses the strategy, and the impact, of the two latest candidates to join the 2020 fray.

Democrats’ Latest (Alternate) Reality Show Is Another Flop. Liz Harrington explains why she’s unimpressed by the impeachment effort.

Impeachment Messaging for Team Trump. Steve Cortes cites three themes he believes would help the president counter the Democrats’ efforts.

The Brennan Dossier: All About a Prime Mover of Russiagate. In RealClearInvestigations, Aaron Maté lays out the former CIA chief’s role as a central architect and promoter of the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

As California Burns, Valuable Lessons From Hurricane Katrina. In RealClearEnergy, Caitlin Cain has some first-hand advice for The Golden State. 

Why the Navy Must Improve Cybersecurity. In RealClearDefense, Daniel Goure warns that hackers have targeted ships, weapons systems, research and development establishments, the supply chain, and shore facilities.

Ascension’s Collaboration With Google: Setting the Record Straight. In RealClearHealth, Eduardo Conrado answers critics about the health care provider’s work with Google in allowing the electronic exchange of patient information.

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