2020 Buick Regal TourX Luxury Wagon Front Passenger and Driver Seats View

This is incredible!  So my Volvo XC70 T6 is close to 60k miles, which is when I always buy a new car and sell the car I’m replacing.

I happened to be in the area of a GM dealer in Medford, OR and I was curious about the new Buicks, so I stopped by to look around.  A very cute young lady named Emily showed me a few Buicks, but my wife wasn’t very impressed by the smaller one (It’ll be her car) so I went home.

I hopped on my computer to look up the various Buick models, and low and behold I discovered probably the best European styled SUV crossover I’ve ever seen in an American car.  It is the Buick Regal Tourx in the Essence version, and it is luxurious and loaded beyond belief.  It is all wheel drive.  Frankly, it looks like it belongs in the same expensive class as my Volvo or an Audi except for one thing:  I bought this beauty for $30k plus tax & license which brought it up to $30,630.00 in Oregon.

Now here’s the point of my message regarding GM and its CEO, Mary Barra:  Have you ever seen that car advertised by GM?  No, right?  Get on your computer and look at that Buick Tourx in White.  It is gorgeous! Then look at all the goodies it comes with and you won’t believe the MSRP price of just under $36k, which I whittled down to $30k out the door.  New Volvo XC70 T6’s sell new for $50k, but this Buick Tourx beats my Volvo for $20k less!

The Tourx drive is smoother and quieter, it gets better gas mileage, it has the same power and it has a larger carrying capacity, plus adults can sit in the back seats comfortably whereas they are scrunched in the Volvo.  The Buick will also cost me a lot less for maintenance and service.  I can’t believe my lucky stars — no thanks to any effort on GM’s part.

GM is spending a lot of advertising dollars on their trucks with fancy tailgate, but they’re blowing it!  If GM CEO Mary Barra doesn’t see the error of her ways, the GM board needs to replace her and fast!  GM isn’t spending any advertising dollars on their passenger cars, and the quality of my Tourx, which is made in Germany, is beyond anything I thought I could find at anywhere near $30k.

Maybe I ought to charge GM for writing this!


Carl F. Worden

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