Happy Tuesday, Trump to London and NATO

President Trump left for Monday for London, where he’ll be participating in a meeting with NATO leaders marking the 70th anniversary of the alliance.

The meeting comes at a time of tension in the alliance – French President Emmanuel Macron made waves last month when he said NATO is in a state of “brain death.”

Meanwhile, allies are at odds with fellow ally Turkey over its incursion in Syria and purchase of Russian missiles.

Trump heads into the meeting with a symbolic victory for himself. It was revealed last week the United States would reduce its share of paying for NATO’s administrative costs from 22 percent to 16 percent. The relatively small pot of money is separate from the goal of each country spending 2 percent of their gross domestic product, a target Trump frequently complains others are not meeting.

The Hill’s Morgan Chalfant and Brett Samuels have a look at five things to watch for at Trump’s NATO meetings.

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