The News from Real Clear Politics December 3rd 2019

Trump Tries Normal — How Long Can It Last? A.B. Stoddard takes note of the president focusing lately on positive things that unite most voters, like pets, freedom and the flag.

Kellyanne Conway, Playing Chicken With Adam Schiff? Phil Wegmann reports on the White House adviser’s offer to represent President Trump at upcoming impeachment hearings — if the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is called to testify.

House Democrats Promised No “Partisan Pitchforks.” They Lied. Liz Harrington contrasts quotes from many lawmakers in the freshman class with their party’s actions on impeachment.

Who Will Decide the Democrats’ 2020 Nominee? Nancy Pelosi. Harland Hill argues that the speaker had an ulterior motive in choosing to go forward with impeachment proceedings.

Biodiesel Is Good for the Economy and the Environment. In RealClearPolicy, Lisa Mullings urges Congress to renew the federal biodiesel tax credit.

Putin Nukes Trump — Again. In RealClearDefense, Mark B. Schneider explains why a recent weapons test in Russia is a setback for the U.S.

Even a “Small” Nuclear War Could Upend Civilization. RealClearScience editor Ross Pomeroy spotlights a study on the impact.

Kansas City’s New Model for Job Skills Training. Nathan Harden has the story in RealClearEducation.

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