N.C. judges approve congressional map replacing GOP-gerrymandered districts

What is the difference between legislators defining districts and judges defining districts?…. nothing.

A panel of North Carolina judges on Monday approved a new congressional map lawmakers submitted last month to be used in the 2020 primaries.

The three-judge Wake County Superior Court panel had blocked the use of a 2016 congressional map next year because the court found that it unfairly benefited Republicans. The judges said there was not enough time to determine whether the new map was partisan gerrymandering.

Assemblymen David Lewis and Destin Hall, Republicans who led the redistricting committee, said “it’s time now to stop the endless litigation and out-of-state lawyering.”

Democrats said the state’s Republicans have “yet again run out the clock on fair maps” and pushed through a new gerrymander.

The state is roughly divided between the two parties, but under the old maps Republicans won 10 of the state’s 13 congressional seats.

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