News According to Real Clear Politics December 4th 2019

Democrats Gamble on Yuletide Impeachment. Susan Crabtree assesses the risks the party is taking with its rushed timeline.

Kamala Harris Goes Down Fighting. Phil Wegmann has this postmortem on the senator’s presidential campaign.

Colleges Bristle as Judges, DeVos Push Protections for the Accused. KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor Jr. report on Title IX regulations intended to ensure fairness in campus sexual assault cases.

Simple Solutions for Medicaid Fraud. In RealClearPolicy, Jonathan Ingram urges greater safeguards to monitor eligibility.

Challenges Facing the Next FDA Commissioner. In RealClearHealth, Wayne Pines argues that nominee Stephen Hahn is up to the job.

Nuclear Attack Threats Do Not Stand Still. In RealClearDefense, Bill Gortney lays out the shifting perils.

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