Principle Trumps Protecting the Precious and Poo Flinging Republicans

by Erick Erickson  |  The Resurgent

The political cycle never ends and I have to admit to being tired of it. This current phenomenon where everyone seems compelled to beclown themselves in more and more spectacular ways to hump Trump’s leg is just tiring. But the GOP is not alone. The same is happening on the left.

Right now, we’ve got scores of Republican leg humpers doing what they can to stay as close to the President as possible and a bunch of Democrats ideologically riding the legs of voters trying to court them. Want government healthcare? Okay — how about only government healthcare? Okay — how about only government healthcare and we give it to illegal aliens too? Okay — and how about we kill all the Republicans who dissent and chop off the heads of billionaires?

The friction from the bobbing up and down on legs across America is contributing to global warming.

At least, to their credit, Democrats are talking about ideas. Sure the ideas are ridiculous, but it is better than the heavy breathing of Republicans who can only talk about protecting their present precious.

The cult of personality is goofy. The spectacle of people yelling at Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to get Doug Collins into the Senate is profoundly disturbing. While socially conservative groups have serious concerns, those concerns got drowned out by those who perceive Trump wants Collins so they bark and bounce demanding Collins.

I suspect social conservative concerns would have been treated more carefully had they not been drowned out and conflated with the Collins for Senate nonsense by Trump humping clowns like Matt Gaetz.

Watching some of the former tea party activists in Georgia who no longer care about the national debt and who cared deeply about standing behind Brian Kemp until he dared to think for himself is just embarrassing. These people have no shame.

What the hell do the Republicans even stand for anymore other than President Trump? The party that gave us the intellectual arguments to break up and tear down the Iron Curtain and the intellectual arguments to create an economic engine second to none through supply side economic ideas has descended into poo flinging monkeys — from evolution, to revolution, to devolution.

Look, I’m voting for President Trump in 2020 because it is either him or a socialist who’ll destroy the economy and worship at the altar of murdered children in a Planned Parenthood lobby. But it’d be a really good idea if the GOP starts thinking beyond Trump because there are only five years left, at most.

Whether you agree with his decision or not, I see Brian Kemp trying to set up the GOP for long term success in the suburbs that are otherwise slipping away from the GOP. There are a few other Republicans thinking the same thing — all of them mostly under the radar lest poo get flung in their direction for the audacity of not humping Trump’s leg. Meanwhile, I see the actual supposed ideas guys flinging poo in every direction to protect their precious.

Freedom, free trade, life, school choice, and the ownership society are all great things the GOP should be fighting for. We’ve got a lot of smart people who used to have a lot of good ideas. But too many of them seem awfully distracted by flinging poo and trying to hump one man’s leg.

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