News from Real Clear Politics December 6th 2019

White House: Adam Schiff Has Wrong OMB Number. Phil Wegmann reports on information that appears to counter the House Intelligence Committee chairman’s assertion about phone calls made by Rudy Giuliani.

Impeachment’s Next Phase Could Hit Biden Worst of All. Susan Crabtree has this analysis of Wednesday’s hearing and its aftermath.

Speaker Pelosi Declares a Coup Against President Trump. Frank Miele responds to the speaker’s Declaration of Independence quote in announcing the drafting of impeachment charges.

Trump Dominates TV Landscape; Impeachment Casts Vast Shadow. Kalev Leetaru has the numbers.

Two Divisive Trends That Will Shape the New Decade. Myra Adams explores the impact of shifting demographics and media polarization.

The Future of Work. In RealClearPolicy, Seth Harris warns that public policies need to keep up with shifting skills challenges or millions of workers may be left behind.

How to Maximize America’s Energy Potential. In RealClearEnergy, Mead Treadwell emphasizes the infrastructure required to move ahead.

Confusion and Unforced Errors in Foreign Policy. In RealClearWorld, Peter Harris writes that President Trump has not articulated a clear and reliable vision of how U.S. alliances serve America’s self-interest.

Coldplay’s Message of Hopeful Spirituality. In RealClearReligion, Nathan Nielson applauds the cheerful rebellion against nihilism in the band’s new album.

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