Islam is not a, “Religion of Peace”, as the mildly retarded President George W. Bush claimed.  It is a political religion that calls for the killing of any, “Infidels”, who do not convert to it.  The political part teaches Muslims to immigrate to other nations, out-breed the population, and when Muslim numbers reach the point they believe they can take over that nation by force, they will!  Their Quran specifically teaches that doctrine.

There’s an excellent movie you can rent called, “The Promise”, and it is about how the Muslims in Turkey, who were living for years peacefully with their Christian Armenian neighbors, used the advent and confusion of World War One to commit genocide against the Christians.

It has just been announced that the Pensacola shooter was a Saudi, and they are now considering his act as terrorism.  How the Hell many more examples like this do we need before we realize Muslims cannot be allowed to live in our nation?

We’ve now got Muslims elected to Congress.  Muslims immigrated here and didn’t even try to assimilate.  Instead, they took over whole voting blocks and now they are electing anti-American Muslims to our highest offices.  One way or another, these Muslims are trying to overthrow our nation’s principles, our Constitution and our way of life.

London just experienced a knife-wielding Muslim who stabbed people on London Bridge, and what do these Brits want to do?  They want to ban certain kinds of knives now.  Britain banned guns long ago, so now criminals and terrorists are using knives to kill and maim people there.  They want to address the symptoms instead of conquering the disease, and Muslims are a disease!  There are so many Muslims in London now that they elected a Muslim mayor!

Real people dead and slashed.  Real people in our own country being targeted for death by Muslims, and nothing is being done to cure the disease.  The only way to cure this disease is to deport every Muslim not born in this nation, back to their country of origin.

The American way of life, our laws and our Constitution, are not compatible with Muslim doctrine, and these alien Muslims have no intention of adopting, accepting and assimilating.  They are here to conquer, which makes them all Domestic Enemies of our nation.

To Hell with Political Correctness:  These maggots are here to eventually overtake and kill anyone who refuses to convert to Islam.  It is their religion!


Carl F. Worden

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If there is something on this post that offends you, the following list is a sampling of the entities you should NOT blame:

  • my wife
  • my church
  • my school
  • my employer
  • the web site management
  • my Twitter followers
  • my Facebook follwers
  • my siblings
  • my parents, God rest their souls
  • my cousins
  • The Republicans
  • The Democrats
  • Batman

The following list of the “undeniably exhaustive record of entities that you SHOULD blame”:

  • me

All that being said, I hope in all seriousness that given the theme of this article and my personal philosophy we can move beyond blame. If you should disagree, I would welcome a discussion. It would be my privilege to learn from what you have to teach me.

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