A message to Your Current Administration

We’re never going to, “solve”, the so-called, “Homeless Crisis”, but there is a pathway through wisdom to address it much more effectively than what is being tried right now.

First, we must separate the wheat from the chaff.  To suggest anyone is homeless suggests they had a home and lost it.  Those who make up that part of the transient population represent only a tiny segment.  The vast majority of the so-called, “Homeless”, are those who abused drugs so badly they cannot function mentally and/or physically, those who are physically disabled from illness or injury, and those who intentionally embrace the transient lifestyle because they prefer it.

As it stands now, our society cannot legally institutionalize anyone who has not committed a crime, even if it is obvious a person is a danger to themselves!  Once a so-called, “Professional”, determines a person is no longer a danger to themselves or others, the current law requires they be released, even though they are mentally incompetent to care for themselves.  In many cases, these drug-addled people have caused so much damage to their brains that only legal drugs can stabilize them.  So they get stabilized by legal drug treatment and released, only to stop taking their legal, stabilizing drugs and go right back into mental instability on the street where they will be found and temporarily institutionalized again.  It’s a revolving door, folks, and we need to stop it because it isn’t working.

First, we need to pass laws that allow the government to institutionalize, even permanently, those whose brains are so damaged by their own drug abuse that they cannot function in open society.  Those who are indigent due to a physical disability need to be cared for by society at a much higher level than they are now, but they aren’t because there is only so much money to go around, and those who are both mentally and physically capable of working, but choose not to, are soaking up food stamp and welfare benefits the truly disabled should be receiving.  In point of fact, those who are both physically and mentally capable of working, but choose not to, are stealing from the truly needy, and that has to stop!

If a person is work-capable, they must be given 90 days notice that they will have all welfare, unemployment and other benefits cut off.  Thanks to President Trump’s policies, there are so many jobs available now that we don’t have enough people to fill them.  But we have a bunch of, “do-gooders”, here in the Rogue Valley of Oregon, some allegedly Christian Churches, that are freely feeding anyone who comes to them for food.  We have organizations offering free housing, free haircuts, free laundry services, free, free, free, and all they are doing is making the problems worse.  Transients, for all their alleged poverty, all have Smart Phones, and when they find a place where the free stuff is flowing, they call all their transient buddies to tell them the Rogue Valley is the place to be!  I’m certain that is happening in your area as well if the local population is as unwise as mine is.  It is a logical progression:  Human Nature dictates it.

It is a fact that the very worst thing you can ever do to another Human Being is give them something for free.  Doing that destroys personal initiative to improve one’s lot in life, but when a person is hungry and they don’t have all that free stuff available, believe me, they’ll get a job and become contributing members to society instead of a burden.

So first, we have to separate those who cannot function in society from those who can.  We need to permanently institutionalize those who cannot, we need to cut off all benefits to those who can, and then we’ll have more money available to help those who are so physically disabled they couldn’t work even though they want to — and most of those in that last group want to.  They just can’t.  As a true Christian society, we all have an obligation to help those who are truly unable to help themselves, but the current system is making the problems worse.

You know, Christians are expected by God to seek wisdom and be wise, and I could just strangle these self-righteous jackass, “Pastors”, of these local churches that are freely feeding people who are fully capable of providing for themselves.  That is the exact opposite of wisdom, and I back that up by Jesus’ own words.  When the disciples came to Jesus complaining that some members weren’t contributing, Jesus told them, “If they do not work, they shall not eat”.

‘Nuff written about that.


Carl F. Worden

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