Wipe Out of British Liberals, Glimpse of the Future


Conservatives in Merry ol’ England enjoyed a smashing victory at the polls yesterday, “wiping out Labour strongholds that have stood across Britain since the 1930s, securing as many as 368 seats and giving (Boris) Johnson a majority in the House of Commons of around 76 seats.”

Take a look at these headlines…

  • Boris Johnson Secures Historic Blowout Election Win – Daily Beast
  • Boris Johnson has won the U.K. election – Market Watch
  • Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party set for landslide win in UK election – CNBC
  • U.K. election: Boris Johnson wins majority – Washington Post
  • Boris Johnson bet the farm on an election, and it paid off big – CNN
  • Boris Johnson Secures a Comfortable U.K. Election Win – WSJ
  • Labour Party calls Boris Johnson’s projected election victory ‘utterly devastating’ for UK – FOX News
  • Boris Johnson set to win a clear majority in U.K. election – NBC
  • UK election: Boris Johnson, Conservatives win Parliament – USA Today
  • Boris Johnson secures crushing UK election victory – Financial Times
  • Boris Johnson’s Conservatives achieve historic landslide election win – Jerusalem Post
  • Conservatives Win Commanding Majority in U.K. Vote – New York Times
  • Boris Johnson Wins Decisive Majority in Election That Upends Britain – Bloomberg
  • Boris Johnson leads Tories to historic general election win – The Guardian
  • Boris Johnson, Conservatives win UK election over rival Labour Party – New York Post

I predict next November you’ll be able to substitute “Donald Trump” for “Boris Johnson,” “Republicans” for “Tories,” and “U.S.” for “U.K” … and the headlines will remain the same.

Bully, Boris! 

Liberals of a Feather 

Democrats have announced a series of four debates in the four early voting states co-hosted by a gaggle of liberal, Trump-hating national and state “fake news” organizations.  The Roster of Resistance …

  • Iowa: CNN/The Des Moines Register
  • New Hampshire: ABC News/WMUR-TV/Apple News
  • Nevada: NBC News/MSNBC/The Nevada Independent
  • South Carolina: CBS News/the Congressional Black Caucus Institute/Twitter

I’m sure the questioning will be fair and balanced.

Good news: President Trump is considering upsetting yet another political apple cart by blowing off the fake-news-moderated general election debates that have sand-bagged GOP candidates over the past couple of decades.

Just do it.

Conserva-Cruise News 

The brank-spanking new Carnival Panorama is on its inaugural passenger cruise voyage as we speak.  The Citizen Outreach annual “Mexican Riviera” cruise on the Panorama is scheduled for next April 4-11.  Here are some updates…

Vanna White of “Wheel of Fortune” fame has been named the Panorama’s godmother.


“Look around. Isn’t it gorgeous?” said White at the ship’s christening on Tuesday, “I’ve been aboard several Carnival cruise ships, but now Carnival Panorama is my favorite.”

When asked for her best cruise tip, White replied: “Just have fun! On cruises, they’re always taking care of you. You don’t really have to do much other than have fun!”

Darned good advice!

Travel and Leisure went on to note the Panorama…

“Will offer guests a number of exciting, completely new amenities, including a trampoline park and a studio for cooking classes, ensuring guests never have a dull moment at sea. The Panorama will also have a water park, a ropes course, a spa, and signature dining options from celebrity chefs like Guy Fieri.”

For more information about joining Citizen Outreach on April’s cruise aboard the Panorama, including the contact information for our “cruise director” who can answer any questions and handle your reservation, click here


“A patriot runs for the Presidency, beats 16 candidates, two ruling class dynasties, the media, deep state, voter fraud, gets spied on, then accomplishes the best economy in history, destruction of ISIS, energy independence plus so much more and HES THE ONE who gets impeached?” – Charlie Kirk

“The solemnity with which this process is moving forward on the Democratic side reminds me of third graders acting out the annual Christmas Pageant (when that was allowed). They look terribly serious as they muscle the styrofoam burro across the grammar school stage to the cardboard manger. But, you can tell they’re giggling behind their fake beards.” – Rich Galen

(Mr. Muth is president of CitizenOutreach.org and publisher of NevadaNewsandViews.com.  He blogs at MuthsTruths.com.  His views are his own.)

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