The difference between, “Street Smarts”, and true wisdom is that street smarts are differently applied to  given problems, whereas true wisdom from God is based on immovable principles that never change.

This Phase One trade deal President Trump is making with China is a mistake, but a person armed with only street smarts will still walk right into their trap.

Hard experience will remind us that China has cheated on all agreements in the past,  True wisdom dictates that China will do it again.  True wisdom dictates that you do not do business with a Godless entity, be it a nation or an individual.  Street smarts only sees the opportunity for profit without any concern about the character of the other party, including the pitfalls inherent in dealing with a Godless entity.

We know China is an unethical Communist nation.  We know that China has forced our corporations to share their technology with China in return for being allowed to manufacture and sell products in China.  We also know China has ambitions to replace the United States as the world’s greatest super-power, both militarily and economically.

We know all that, and we’re still going to proceed with a trade deal with China?  Oh boy, here we go again…

Clinton, Bush and Obama:  Three previous administrations allowed China to become the threat it is today.  President Trump has stopped that process, but he’s still proceeding with a China trade deal that promises to grow jobs and prosperity in America.  That’s street smarts at work.  God’s wisdom dictates that we order all our corporations to leave China immediately and stop all imports from China.  You don’t do business of any kind with an unethical, Godless entity or person:  That is God’s wisdom.

And no, it doesn’t come down to, “judging”, China as evil or whatever.  What we Christians are expected to do is use our God-given discernment as to what and who to avoid based on known character — and China’s character is deeply flawed.

The initial costs would be harsh.  Our corporations would no longer be allowed to manufacture and sell our products in China, so our Stock Market would take a very hard hit.  But what is the alternative?  Wisdom dictates that the alternative is that China will continue to steal our technology and eventually turn it against us and threaten us economically and militarily.  That I can promise you.

So the lasting effect of this trade pact will be that we will continue to help China achieve its ultimate ambitions and replace us as the world’s greatest super-power.  What we should be doing is taking whatever steps are necessary to thwart China’s ambitions, and we aren’t going to achieve that by staying in bed with them.


Carl F. Worden

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