News From Real Clear Politics December 16th 2019

Image result for laughing emojiCory Booker and Julian Castro Should Form a Ticket. Bill Scher writes that the gambit might rescue the two candidates’ flagging campaigns.

Dems’ California Debate in Turmoil Again Over Labor Fight. Susan Crabtree has the story.

Damn the Impeachment Torpedoes; Full Speed Ahead. Frank Miele explains why he believes Democrats’ efforts to remove the president will boomerang.

Trump May Win Elusive Latino Support for the GOP. Steve Cortes spotlights polling that indicates the president is making inroads with this long sought-after demographic.

“Restoring Our Republic” is an excerpt from Ned Ryun’s new book.

Volcker as “Inflation Slayer”? More Hagiography Than Biography. RealClearMarkets editor John Tamny takes exception to this common characterization of the late Fed chairman.

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