Real Clear Politics Today…. December 17, 2019



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How Nancy Pelosi Could Still Save Impeachment

Philip Bobbitt, Time

Impeachment Moves to Senate–Get Ready for a Surprise

Byron York, DC Examiner

The FBI Needs to Be Reformed

Bauer & Goldsmith, The Atlantic

IG Report Undercuts Credibility of Impeachment Manager Nadler

Paul Sperry, RCI

How the Fall of Elizabeth Warren Has Shaken Up 2020 Race

David Faris, The Week

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump’s Secret to Success

F.H. Buckley, New York Post

Pete Buttigieg’s High Hopes

Benjamin Wallace-Wells, The New Yorker

For the Left, Trump Still Isn’t a Legitimate President

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Giuliani’s Ukraine Conspiracies Are Getting More Outlandish

Sean Collins, Vox


James Comey’s Delusions, and the Media That Helped Him

Miranda Devine, NY Post

What a Decade of Data Says About TV News Media Landscape

Kalev Leetaru, RCP

UN Climate Talks Collapsed. What’s the Way Forward?

David Wallace-Wells, NY Mag

Al Gore Talks–Donald Trump Vindicated

Rupert Darwall, RealClearEnergy

Under Trump, U.S. Now a Leading Source of Global Instability

Uri Friedman, Atlantic

Making the Anglosphere Great Again

Conrad Black, American Greatness

How Medicaid Expansion Is Transforming Politics

Bryce Covert, The Nation

Richard Jewell Was a Victim of ‘Fake News’

Jack Hunter, The Spectator

The Rebuke to Trump That Both Parties Should Deliver

Chicago Tribune

How Crazed Is the Left? Its New Villain Is … Pete Buttigieg

Issues & Insights

U.S.-China Trade Deal Is Barely a First Step to Ending the Trade War

SF Chronicle

Nancy Pelosi Just Skipped Out on the Obamacare Tab

Washington Examiner

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