So the creepy editor of Christianity Today thinks President Trump should be removed from office over moral issues?  Maybe it’s time they change their name to Satanism Today.

True Christians know very well that President Trump is in office as a gift from God, and it is a gift we really don’t deserve.  When our nation embraces the elected murder of God’s babies and gives homosexuals, lesbians and almost every other form of pervert special protections under our laws, we’re asking for it.  The only reason we haven’t been hit by every possible natural disaster God can muster is because to date, we remain the primary nation that still supports and defends Israel.

You see, when God makes a promise, he keeps that promise, and God promised to curse those who curse Israel, and at the same time he promised to bless those who bless Israel.  The fact we’ve been a blessing to Israel is probably the only reason we haven’t been hit square in Kansas by a ten-mile wide asteroid!  If we ever abandon our support for Israel, we’re screwed and God’s promise is off the table.  Remember that.  If you ever see the United States turn its back on Israel, run like hell to another nation, because really bad things will follow if you stay here.

What did that idiot from Christianity Today think he was doing writing garbage like that?  Apparently he’s not aware that homosexual Adam Schiff is a serial liar, or that Hillary is a serial evildoer.  He’s had plenty of time to watch the Liberals lie and cheat, but he’d prefer them over President Trump?  He’s clearly no Christian, anymore than the dumb-ass Catholic who, knowing that church’s penchant for molesting children and worshipping other gods, still attends mass and supports it.

‘Nuff written.


Carl F. Worden

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