So I wake up this morning and retrieve the Medford Mail Tribune.  There are on the front page, in letters so big they look ridiculous, is the word, “IMPEACHED:, with a picture of President Trump.  The Democrats have no idea how badly they’ve screwed up.

Do you know that many Liberal ignoramuses out there actually believed that a mere impeachment of the President removes him from office?  They are so seriously ignorant of our Constitution it’s pathetic, and their ignorance is due to a lacking Public School education.

President Trump and the entire Republican Party just got the best Christmas present ever.  The only thing accomplished by the Democrats in this whole charade will prove to be their near-total alienation of swing voters, those who vote for both Republicans and Democrats, depending on their political position.  In this case, the Swings are really, really pissed off!  They watched helplessly as the Democrats wasted valuable time and resources (our tax dollars) to accomplish absolutely nothing, when they could have been working to reduce RX costs, health care and other very important matters the Swings care about.

The next presidential election is Trump’s to lose, because he has actually gained support during the impeachment process rather than losing any of it.  But what will stick in the minds of the Swings next November will be the uselessness and cowardice of the Democrats they voted for, especially those they voted for in districts that voted for President Trump in 2016.  Those seats gained by the Dems in 2018 are almost all going to revert to Republican congressional candidates next November, and my money says a number of House Democrats who have served multiple terms will also lose their seats.

I wanted the Democrats to impeach President Trump, not because I don’t support him, but because I do.  I was a little worried that the ire the Democrats were facing from their constituents at Town Hall Meetings over this impeachment scam would cause them to vote against impeachment, but thank goodness they didn’t!

It’s like playing chess:  Sometimes you need to offer an opponent a powerful chess piece that is just too good to pass, and when they go for it, they inadvertently overlook the fact they’ve left their own king in checkmate.  That is exactly what happened in this impeachment process.

And they just lost the entire game.


Carl F. Worden

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