Yesterday I wrote an article titled, “Christianity Today Is Going To Be Yesterday”, and in it I used the term, “Homosexual Adam Schiff”.

Well, one of my longtime readers named Jerry wrote me that he couldn’t substantiate my statement, so I referred him to a search I did on Google, using the search words, “Adam Schiff Gay”, where I found an article written in the Los Angeles Times about an alleged gay lover of Schiff who claimed he’d been beaten by Schiff and treated badly in several ways.  There are even pictures of a youngish black guy with a horribly swollen eye.

But as Jerry correctly pointed out, “One Swallow does not a Summer make”.  At first I thought Jerry was being nit-picky, but as with all matters where someone is honestly critical of my work, I slept on it and awoke realizing Jerry is right and I was wrong.  To my knowledge, Schiff has never, “come out”, and I don’t have a video of him committing a homosexual act, so I cannot make the blanket statement Schiff is gay.  I  therefore withdraw my statement that he is.

One cannot conclude Schiff is straight, either.  Schiff has a close aide who came out.  Schiff’s major donor to his campaigns is the infamous Ed Buck, a super-rich gay guy who is awaiting trail for murder where he is accused of injecting black male lovers at his home with Methamphetamine, resulting in two deaths.  Schiff also supports gay causes, but that still doesn’t prove Schiff himself is gay.  Even if the LA Times, a Liberal rag if there ever was one, published the story of the abused black alleged male lover who accused Schiff of causing his injuries, that still doesn’t make it true and factual.

Always beware of what you want to believe.  I always try to get things correct, but like all Humans, I can make mistakes no matter how careful I intend to be.

Jerry did me a favor, and I appreciate it, so thank you, Jerry!


Carl F. Worden

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