Petty thoughts

I have tried to come up with an explanation for the actions of some that are opposed to my approach to smaller government involvement in our lives and it has been a real challege. Even among the conservative crowd there is that tendency to spend a certain amount of political cash (your money) to provide leverage that might help install a political point amongst their fellow representatives.

Sometimes I will even do that myself, for example, yesterday I voted for a study that already been done twice before in the last six years. The cost of this third study could be as high as $85,000.00, hopefully not. Of course the cost after the study is complete could be millions and I suspect it will be and because of our charitable hearts, we may give way to providing some of the money for such an exercise…. Let me get back on point.

The reason for my approving the study is multifaceted; the original study preformed by the ULI was Alice in Wonderland as far as its objectives were and had little to do with the individuals that made up the area on a permanent basis. The second study was performed by the same group that recently drove around town taking photographs and while they gathered a lot of information, most of it centered around midtown as did its plan.

So did I vote for the study because I believed East Jackson had been slighted. No. I voted for it because it gave Councilman Dodd the opportunity to actually produce something from all this chaos. Will he, I don’t know, but the taxpayers of the city of Jackson have just funded that opportunity. Let us see what he does with it.

Let’s get back again to my point. Why are some opposed to the way I think? So opposed that they spend their life, instead of engaging in a debate with probably the most accessible political figure in Jackson or working or living a life, doing normal things, they attempt to vent their frustrations through pettiness.

Everyone knows what pettiness is but not everyone can actually define it.

Now pettiness as described by Websters “marked by or reflective of narrow interests and sympathies” with a keynote “small minds”.

An example of the acts of a small mind are those that in the darkness of night slink in and attempt to guise their actions as doing good. It is rare that they put their name on it, it is rare that they confront the one that they are in opposition to. Most of this has to do with money, power, influence, or a combination of all or some.

There is weakness in their philosophy that does not allow independent thought or action. William J. Bennett says that some people’s lives are filled with more hardship than others, but that everyone faces hardship. For all of us, “will be occasional bumps in the road, unpleasant surprises, irritating delays, annoying mistakes and accidents.”

He continues with something that I believe heartily, he states that “we are all tested”. We who believe in God and his mercy know this and we know that we will fail. It is what it is. The question is do you learn or do we continue in that practice. I am reminded daily of how I fail and attempt to adjust. Do you?

The film below describes pettiness in leadership. I am hoping that you wouldn’t wish to see this here.

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