Now he’s a common, common man.

The following poem and commentary were sent to us by Chad D. Baus. Mr. Baus tells us that this was written as a letter to the editor by his great-grandfather, Ralph A. Shinabery, over fifty years ago.

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Tax him: Tax him all you can.
Tax his house and tax his bed,
Tax the bald spot on his head.
Tax his bread and tax his meat,
Tax his shoes clear off his feet.
Tax his ‘Henry’ and tax his gas,
Tax the road that he must pass.
Tax the farmer and tax his fowl,
Tax the dog and tax his howl.
Tax his plow and tax his clothes,
Tax the rags that wipe his nose.
Tax his pig and tax his squeal,
Tax his boots run down at the heel.
Tax his cow and tax his calf,
Tax him if he dares to laugh.
Tax his barns and tax his lands,
Tax the blisters on his hands.
Tax the water and tax the air,
Tax the sunshine of you dare.
Tax the living, tax the dead,
Tax the unborn before they’re fed.
Tax them all and tax them well, and do your best to make life Hell.

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