Yes, The “Man Gets Pregnant By Female Sperm Donor” Story Affects You

By Erick Erickson |  The Resurgent

There was a ridiculous story put forward over the weekend that a man has gotten pregnant from a female sperm donor. Many people pointed out correctly that this is impossible and anti-science. But many progressives then chimed in with “why are you upset? How is this affecting you?” Actually it is affecting all of us in very bad ways.

Truth matters. We’ve just seen various members of the mainstream media lecture us on the importance of truth and the increasing lack of respect for truth in America. When the media pushes a story that defies science and logic, it absolutely affects us all. It affects us, in part, because it shows the rise of relatives over absolutes. It coincides with increases in violence in this country, including the church shootings and anti-semetic attacks. I know that comparison seems outsides the bounds of something acceptable to say, but all these things are connected.

The reason they are all connected is they all stem from the abandonment of both moral absolutes and moral objectivity. A person can attack church goers and Jews can increasingly be attacked without media attention, because narratives trump facts and relative morality trumps absolutes and objectivity. All these stories hinge on societal decay.

The mob can chase people out of restaurants because the politics of the victim are bad. The bad guy can attack the Jews or the Christians because they are bad. The only difference is which side has popular opinion with them. Popular opinion is not with the attackers of Christians and Jews, but very much is with attacks on conservatives. But in some quarters, popular opinion is with the attackers against Jews in New York because the absolute and objective morality of not attacking people with whom we disagree is out the window in those quarters.

When we are all the arbiters of right and wrong, in some communities like those of antisemites, wrong can very easily become right. When we all get to decide for ourselves our morality and our rights and our wrongs, some communities might very well decide wrong is right and the only corrective will be whether the media and pop culture are on the same side.

The media can decide that objective reality, morality, and science are out the window with transgenderism and if you dare say otherwise, you are someone the mob can turn against and the media will sanction it. Why? Because objectivity is now relative. The mob has turned against those who would tie objective reality, morality, and science together.

But it affects us in other ways too. A decade ago, proponents of gay marriage asked the question, “How does a gay marriage affect you?” Well now we know — they will try to shut down Christian businesses, schools, and non-profits for not going along with it. The media that crusades for truth and peddles nonsense like men getting pregnant by female sperm donors will one day side with the mob against the truth.

It is the same media that has largely ignored the rise of violence against Jews in New York, because the criminals did not fit the narrative, i.e. they were not Trump supporters.

We live at a time where objectivity is out, morality is out, and evil is on the rise. It manifests itself in violence, in attacks on truth, and in the demands to conform to word salad nonsense. All these things are very much related and they are related to a society that is self-destructing on all fronts as it loses its grip on what is right and what is true.

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