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Friday: January 3, 2020

11:30 am: Networking/Lunch*
11:45 am: Meeting starts
1:15 pm:   Meeting ends


Ahern Academy
Main Conference Room
1722 W. Bonanza Road
(West of Martin Luther King on north side)
Las Vegas, NV  89106
(702) 347-0030


The Las Vegas Center-Right Coalition meeting is a private, off-the-record, invitation-only meeting bringing together top center-right leaders and activists in Nevada public affairs and politics.

Please do not forward this invitation.  Guests, proxies or substitute attendees are not permitted without prior approval.

The Center-Right Coalition lunch provides an opportunity for center-right activists and leaders to communicate with other such individuals on what their organizations are working on — both policy and politics — in the movement.

Participants are encouraged to bring copies of op/eds, relevant stories, coalition letters, polling results, etc., to distribute and share with the group.  Have handouts prepared for 35-40 attendees.

We seek leaders who have a statewide impact and who will honor our off-the-record agreement.  They should be heads of organizations and business leaders who have impact on statewide public policy. And, of course, they should share our center-right governing philosophy.

If you know other key center-right leaders who should be invited, please send their names and email addresses to: and we’ll get them on the invitation list.

Hosted by: Citizen Outreach
Contact Us: Phone: (702) 942-3291

Citizen Outreach is a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots lobbying organization

which promotes limited-government public policies and legislation


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