Chattanooga sees more homicides in 2019 than 2018; police make arrests in 69% of cases

Two little boys and a little girl were watching “Dora the Explorer” when Chattanooga police Sgt. Adam Emery and two other homicide detectives knocked on the door.

They were there to talk to Quintasia Tate’s family. She had just been killed by the father of her unborn child, according to prosecutors.

“The adults are over in the dining room area, and my two detectives walk over there and are talking to ’em and left me alone with [the children],” Emery said. “They’re sitting on the couch I can remember everything about it.”

“The little boys knew I was a cop, and we’re showing each other our muscles — and then I say something to a little girl, who is wearing a dress.”

That little girl was Tate’s daughter.

“I just said, ‘Hey, you got a pretty dress,'” Emery said. “And she just jumped up, smiled as big as she could and wanted to twirl and let me see the dress.”

“It just hit me. She had no idea that her mom was gone forever, and that’s probably who bought her this dress she was so proud of. And it just, it rocked me.”

Tate, 19, was one of 33 people slain in Chattanooga last year, up from 20 in 2018. That number does not include killings ruled justified or officer-involved killings, of which there were three and one, respectively.

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