A Little News from Real Clear Politics January 14th, 2020

How Would Democratic Candidates Reinvigorate Entrepreneurship? Ahead of tonight’s debate in Iowa, Dane Stangler spotlights a topic that’s received little attention during the campaign.

The Ed Orgeron Story Teaches Economic Lessons. RealClearMarkets editor John Tamny writes that LSU’s football championship Monday night is a classic example of someone learning from failure.

Russia’s Nuclear Arms Breakout. In RealClearDefense, Mark B. Schneider warns that extending the New START Treaty will play into the Kremlin’s plans to increase its arsenal.

What the Largest Nuclear Test in Space Did to Hawaii. RealClearScience editor Ross Pomeroy revisits the consequences of the 1962 Starfish Prime detonation.

STEM Skills and the Workplace: Falling Behind. In RealClearPolicy, Brent Orrell spotlights a study showing that those working on the frontiers of technology are at the greatest risk of skills obsolescence.

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