Is Nashville going to protect school girls?

The following is an urgent appeal to the citizens of Tennessee and is a result of a bill produced by Rep. Bruce Griffey (R-Paris) to possibly end the discussion. Don’t be too sure… we still have a State Constitutional amendment on the books that says marriage is between a man and a woman.

Right now, your Tennessee Legislature is considering a bill to save Girls’ Athletics.

You see, the Homosexual Lobby and the “transgender” agenda have launched an all-out assault on young girls in schools.

And with the “transgender” loophole, girls’ athletics are in serious danger.

The “transgender” loophole lets any boy compete against the girls just by saying, “I feel like a girl.”

No surgeries needed.

No hormone therapy.

Not one biological difference from any other male.

But when they say they “feel girly,” they get to use their superior male physique to beat up on the girls.

You see, biology is biology.

Males are biologically more athletic.

Stronger, larger, faster.

And even though these boys can’t cut it against other boys, they are proving to be nearly unbeatable against the girls.

Which means that in schools and leagues across the country, girls aren’t able to win at girls’ sports anymore.

It won’t take long before girls are driven out of girls’ athletics altogether.

And it’s all built on a myth that “gender identity” is protected under federal law.

It’s not — but when he was President, Obama claimed it was.

And ever since, the Homosexual Lobby has used that lie to bully school administrators into implementing “transgender polices.”

Now schools across the country tell parents “it’s the law” in order to shut them up.

But it’s no such thing.

Public Advocate has called upon President Trump and Congress to take action to clarify the laws at the federal level.

But your very own Tennessee Legislature isn’t waiting on them!

State Rep. Bruce Griffey has introduced HB 1572 — the Girls Athletic Protection Act — to put a stop to this!

The Girls Athletic Protection Act would require all school athletes to compete in the biological gender as listed on their birth certificates.

In a nutshell, this would outright ban the “transgender” loophole and prevent boys — no matter how confused — from competing against the girls.

This bill will protect Tennessee schoolgirls.

That’s why I need you to make sure it passes.

Tennessee’s Legislature convenes for 2020 today, Tuesday the 14th.

And we need to make sure that every elected politician in Nashville knows that Tennessee wants this bill!

So I need you to do three things right now for your state.

First, call your Representative.

Then, call your State Senator.

Finally, call Governor Bill Lee.

And let each and every one of them know you expect them to give their full support to the Girls Athletic Protection Act, HB 1572.

You can find your State Representative and Senator by clicking here.

Just put in your address, and then click on the image of their photo to get their contact info.

For Governor Lee, call (615) 741-2001.

Together, we can protect these little girls from the perverted machinations of the Homosexual Lobby.

And if you’ve got one minute more, please forward this notice to anyone you know in Tennessee who cares about Biblical morality.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. Tennessee has a bill up for consideration to save school sports from the “transgender” agenda.

Call your Legislators and Governor now to let them know they need to support HB 1572, the Girls Athletics Protection Act.

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