Jackson Police need assistance identifying this person of interest.

Investigators of the Jackson Police Department are investigating a Theft of Property and need assistance identifying a person of interest.

On January 10th, surveillance video at Wal-Greens, located at 3144 North Highland Ave, captures a black female requesting the clerk to load money on her money card. Once the clerk started the transaction the female suspect asked for a pack of cigarettes. The clerk turned to get the item at which time the suspect took control of the monitor and loaded $500.00 onto the card. The suspect fled from the store and did not pay the transaction amount. The female is captured in the video wearing gray yoga pants, long sleeve black T-shirt, pink bonnet, and glasses.

If anyone can identify this person of interest, contact the Criminal Investigation Division at 731-425-8400 or Crime Stoppers at www.jmcrimestoppers.org



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