Nancy Pelosi thinks she’s accomplished something by branding the Trump presidency with an impeachment.  While she’s busy trying to put lipstick on that pig she created, there are signs the Democrat Party’s future is anything but forever.

Think about it.  This is the second time in our collective memory that a roll-back of taxes and regulations has resulted in a booming economy and massive job growth.  The real first time was actually accomplished by a Democrat, President John F. Kennedy.  Ronald Reagan proved it again, and now President Trump has demonstrated that principle for a third time — just in time.

What all three presidents did was prove that Liberal policies don’t work, and that Conservative policies do, so only the most hardcore, Communist-minded Democrat voters will continue to vote Democrat, while a whole bunch of moderate Democrat voters are being forced into rethinking the whole scenario.

I just love it when Democrats insist we’re really not happy or prosperous as a people.  That’s like telling somebody, “Are you going to believe your lying eyes, or are you going to believe what I tell you”?  Only the most dishonest of Democrats (are there any other kind?) continue in that vein.  The rest, including a massive number of Black and Hispanic folks, are too realistic to fall for that line anymore, particularly when they are now employed with their mouths full.

By the way, didn’t anyone ever tell the Democrats you can’t sell Communism to a prosperous nation?  If the Democrat Party hadn’t screwed-over Socialist Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary in 2016, Bernie might very well have won!  But that was at the end of the disastrous Obama years when this nation was economically on the ropes.  Now that President Trump has proved again that conservative policies work, and everybody who wants a job has one, Bernie has zero chance of getting elected even if the Democrats let him win the nomination.

The operative principle at work here?  Liberals never learn from their mistakes because they never admit they are ever wrong.

Carl F. Worden

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