Image result for free speechWhen the Supreme Court refuses to hear a case brought before it, the prevailing lower court ruling becomes precedent and standing law.  That doesn’t mean the Supreme Court won’t hear a similar case in the future, but that would be an exception to the rule.

Today it was announced that SCOTUS would not hear the case where a young woman told her boyfriend to commit suicide, which he did, and then the young woman was convicted of manslaughter.  That was one case that screamed for relief under Freedom of Speech, but as it stands right now, constitutional justice has been denied — and the future consequences could be disastrous.

SCOTUS ruled years ago that you cannot scream, “FIRE!”, in a crowded movie theater, which causes people to stampede, trample, injure and kill those who can’t run as fast.  That ruling was at least somewhat understandable, but this encouraged suicide case opens the door to state prosecutions that will prove highly problematic.

Image result for jump off a cliffExample:  We’ve all heard the stories about a crowd yelling, “JUMP!”, to a person standing on a high building ledge contemplating suicide.  Under this ruling, every person in that crowd who yelled, ,”JUMP!”, can be convicted of manslaughter if the person then jumped to his death.  If a friend is complaining of money problems, and you tell him, “You should go rob a bank”, and he does, you can be implicated in a criminal prosecution, even if you weren’t even serious and didn’t expect him to do it.

There is only one thing each of us has complete and omnipotent control over, and that what we think and choose to do in any given situation.  The young female convict wasn’t even nearby when she texted her boyfriend and told him to get it over with!  He was intentionally inhaling carbon monoxide from his auto exhaust in his car, and exited to text his girlfriend, who told him to get back in and finish the job if he wanted to.  He did, and now she’s a convicted felon — but the act was entirely his choice.  It would be different if she’d been there and held the door so he couldn’t get out of the car!

Chief Justice John Roberts has been compromised somehow.  I can feel it in my bones.  I strongly suspect Obama spied on Roberts and found something Roberts absolutely did not want anyone to know.  Yes, I’m speculating here, but Roberts was originally appointed as a conservative who would rule according to the Constitution as written, but his rulings under Obama and since then belay that notion, but not before Obama took office.

Example:  When ObamaCare was being argued before SCOTUS, it had always been the rule that SCOTUS would rule based exclusively on the merits of the attorneys presenting their side of the case.  The attorneys for ObamaCare never mentioned in their presentation that the fee charged to those who didn’t enroll would be a tax.  Chief Justice Roberts prompted the attorneys to say the fee was in fact a tax, then his court ruled ObamaCare constitutional!

Another example of Robert’s very questionable decisions was to allow a former Obama Lawyer, who is a radical Trump-hater and who stated he believed it was justified to spy on Trump’s Campaign, to implement the remedies recommended to avoid ever issuing another FISA Court surveillance warrant without full disclosure, especially against a candidate.

Talk about letting the fox guard the henhouse!  That lawyer is the very last person any responsible jurist would ever allow into that position, yet Roberts has been sitting back knowing full well the FBI lied to the FISA Court to get the warrant to spy on Trump Campaign advisor Carter Page — and Roberts is the supreme authority over the FISA Court.  Why has he remained silent?  Why didn’t he immediately order a full review of that matter when it was first reported in the mainstream media?  For that matter, why didn’t Roberts or his Judge Rosemary Collyer, who had direct authority over the FISA judges, immediately order a hearing with the FBI about lying on the FISA application?  I’m telling you:  The FISA Court was complicit in the entire matter, and I strongly suspect Roberts is too.

I don’t care how many conservative justices President Trump appoints to the Supreme Court, if Trump doesn’t at least try to do something about impeaching Justice Roberts after the 2020 elections (assuming Trump is re-elected) then these problems will persist.  All Roberts has to do is refuse to hear important cases where lower federal courts issued rulings he agrees with!  By not hearing those cases, Roberts is in fact ruling in favor of them without letting the other SCOTUS justices hear the case.

And what would be the basis for an impeachment of Justice Roberts?  How about a refusal to rule according to the plain language of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights?

Another example:  Robert’s Court has ruled that minors cannot be sentenced to the death penalty.  There’s no mention of age or maturity in the Bill of Rights, and there have been many cases where a person has committed murder as a juvenile, and then went on to commit another or several murders as an adult.  Why that happens so often is easy to explain.  We Humans have an inert and very powerful inhibition against killing another Human Being.  Our soldiers have to be trained to specifically overcome that inhibition to prepare them mentally for battle.  But when a juvenile commits outright murder and gets away with a short stint in a juvenile facility, that person has not only overcome that inhibition, but now considers murder to be an optional problem solver!  Hence, the likelihood of a person who murdered before to do it again is highly enhanced.

Chief Justice Roberts needs to go, like yesterday!


Carl F. Worden

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