British Reporter Loses It off camera!

As much as I hate the F word this reporter said what he really thinks if the Royal Family.   I am still laughing at the rest of what he says.
BTW – it is reported that the pussy whipped prince and his no talent wife are living in a very fancy residence on the S.E. corner of Vancouver Island –  just a short ways from where I live.   YUK! ! ! ! ! ! !

Western WA is covered in snow – some places with LOTS and others with a covering.  There is about 2 inches  here where I am.  The snow is not a problem to me but the forecast of winds with gusts up to 50-60 mph does bother me.  After living thru the Columbus Day Storm of 1962 I hate – yes HATE – wind.

Jackie Juntti

British Reporter Loses It off camera! But is caught on camera – NSFW


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