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This Was Biden’s Best Week of the Whole Campaign. A.B. Stoddard explains why.

WH Rebuffs GAO on Ukraine Aid: “We Are Not Legally Bound.” Phil Wegmann has the story.

California’s Solar Panel Mandate Worsens the Housing Crisis. In RealClearEnergy, Oliver McPherson-Smith discusses an ignored consequence of the push for renewable power.

Pricing Decision Bolsters U.S. Energy Security. Also in RCE, Jude Clemente hails a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruling that ensures a reliable reserve of electricity when demand spikes or a power plant suddenly goes offline.

Recession Fears Could Be Self-Fulfilling Prophecies. In RealClearPolicy, Joe Minarik warns of the damage that can be done by political leaders speaking cavalierly.

Corporate Debt Fears Are Overstated. Lee Shaiman makes his case in RealClearMarkets.

Did Language Evolve Through a Single Mutation? Ross Pomeroy examines a new study.

The Christian Values of Gender-Reveal Parties. RealClearReligion editor Chandler Lasch writes that these celebrations underscore the life and innate humanity of unborn babies.

The Bismarck Was a Waste. In RealClearHistory, Steve Feinstein revisits Germany’s decision to build the powerful — but ill-fated — battleship.

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