Note:  This is a letter I sent my local newspaper that requires 200 words or less.  You can submit it as your own if you wish to your local newspaper.

So you Liberals think President Trump and his voters are deplorable?  Let’s see what you have to offer:

1:  You love Socialism, even if it’s never worked anywhere.

2:  You love every sexual perversion, no matter how disgusting.

3:  You have embraced the Fat Lie as a political tool.

4:  You love all taxes — so long as you don’t pay them.

5:  You protect illegal immigrants, even those who kill and rape your neighbor citizens.

6:  You clearly hate the United States of America.

7:  You hate the police — unless you need them.

8:  You have wrecked every city and state you ever controlled — even California!

9:  You indoctrinate and exploit innocent children to further your environmental goals.

10: You love everything God hates, yet many call yourselves Christians!

11: You love murdering God’s unborn babies.

12: You immediately resort to violence if you don’t get your way.

13: Like arrogant fools, you think the climate changes due to your activity.

14: You never learn from your mistakes, and never admit you’re wrong.

15: You falsely accuse others of doing exactly what you did.

You won’t be missed!


Carl F. Worden

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